Take the challenge and enter for a chance to win free tuition to digital group coaching program, Bliss Biz Babe ($1,697 value)
Become A 
Bliss Biz Babe 
 in Just 3 Days
Grab the formula to create consistent income for doing what you LOVE, from a place of authenticity and alignment with Rachel Joy
Why Take The Becoming A Bliss Biz Babe Challenge?
Clarify your vision, connect with your soul client, increase sales, and create an impact doing what you love!
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During This Challenge, You Will...
Define and Declare Your Vision
As a soulpreneur, your business is an extension of you; your light. It's important to embrace that some of the work that creates the most success in your life and biz, will always start with YOU!
Create Your Blueprint
Having found clarity on your soul client, message, offering...it's time to create a new empowered state. Through this process you will easily create a new blueprint. Consider this day as the map to get exactly where you want to be.  
Attract Your Soul Clients With Ease and Grace
The word that's either loved or feared the most: organic marketing!...and all things about manifestation, of course. That's right babe, BBBs can be both business savvy, and a little woo. 
Master Your Money Mindset
Bliss Biz Babes know that practicing money energetics is key to their success in business. She must be willing to receive, which isn't always as easy as we think. After all, money doesn't grow on trees, right? The relationship you have with money will directly affect your life and business, because what you perceive, is what you'll receive. 
Become the Bliss Biz Babe That You're Really Meant To Be!
What else does your inner BBB do?!  By day three, you're at a point where you now have enough knowledge to start your business. The disappointing thing is that most of you won't even try to apply the knowledge. You'll be learning why, and what to do about it!
One lucky participant will WIN FULL TUITION with lifetime access to digital group coaching program Bliss Biz Babe, to monetize your passion and scale your biz with ease and grace.
I know what you're thinking...
"Who is this girl, and why should
I trust her to create the life
and biz of my dreams?!"
Take the challenge and enter for a chance to win free tuition to digital group coaching program, Bliss Biz Babe ($1,697 value)
CEO and founder of the freedom-based, lifestyle design brand Rachel Joy Inc., empowering women to break down the barriers of self, to live a life beyond their wildest dreams
Health Coach turned business coach, after being asked how I attained such quick success and confidence in my biz.
Certified Life & Success Coach,  NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques and Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner
Went from no job, no clients, and $$,$$$ invested in a high level coach to hitting my first $$,$$$ month in my first 6 months.
Well connected to industry leaders, and educated and trained on all things emotional healing and mindset, as well as business systems and strategy. 
What people have to say about the
Becoming A BBB Challenge...
"Rachel's BBB challenge came into my life at divine timing.  I met her very briefly standing in line at Spirit Junkies in NY.  I had no idea I would be guided back to her for this incredible free offering!  Before diving into this challenge, I was at a stage of uncertainty and lacking confidence in my true gifts, but knew in my heart I was destined for more.  While diving in each evening, I felt truly inspired and clear on what I was here to do. Without Rachel and BBB, I would 100% not be where I am today, just 2 short months later.  Looking for business/ life guidance?  Look no further, her energy is contagious and joyful - just as her name presents!"
Taylor Ann Bonga
Life & Soul Coach
"The BBB Challenge was absolutely what I was in need of!! Not only does Rachel have amazing energy, she also automatically feels like your bestie with the brain!!! It’s insane just HOW much knowledge and gold nuggets she gives away in this challenge!! I learned more from this then I have in some monthly programs and now I know I can launch my business with total success!! "

Michelle Piotrowski
Women's Transformation Coach
"The BBB Challenge was packed full of high value, actionable content! From the free challenge alone, I mapped out a new package and gained SO much clarity for myself and my business. The BBB Challenge alone could be packaged into a paid program and it would be worth it. But you can do it for free! I was so impressed with how helpful Rachel was in the challenge, I knew working with her would be a great fit"

Melissa  Ushtchenko
Brand & Event Photographer
"The challenge was definitely worth at least $500! It inspired me to stop just thinking about my dreams and actually do something to get started! I can't wait to work with everyone and create my true happiness😍"

Kristin Kelly
Wellness Coach

"We're only on Day 2 of the challenge and I've already signed another client! While I've already been working with clients, I know the tools and skills you've shared in this challenge have contributed. Thank you for your guidance and support. Your authenticity and love for this work radiates."
Elisabeth Brochmann Refring
Life Coach
"I've had some crazy transformations this week. I now know my why and what my purpose is. So thankful for you and helping me find it. I cherish you so much."

Kass L.
Essential Oil Queen
& Self Care Advocate
Day 1:
The Vision
  • Identify how your innate gifts and talents and past experiences play a major role in your vision
  • Get crystal clear on your soul client, and offering
  • Know your path and create your end goal
Day 2:
The Strategy
  • Discover the next steps to get to where you want to go.
  • Implement the correct strategy and skills necessary to create a successful launch that results in consistent income from $2000 and beyond, all the way up to 5-figure months!
Day 3:
The Mindset
  • Recognize how your thoughts, feelings, and actions are holding you back from reaching your ultimate happiness and success. 
  • Apply NLP tools to create a new identity that reflects your highest self. 
  • Master your money mindset and feel Abundant AF!
"She's fun, flirty, and femme.
She's edgy.
Strong and powerful.
She doesn't take shit from anyone, and she follows her heart.
She sets the bar high.
She has high standards and she makes life happen!"

...ready to unleash your inner BBB?!
Join us below!
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